Kunal Dovedy – Split Testing for Lead Generation


Welcome Kunal Dovedy to the Marketing Optimization Video Podcast. You can learn more at the website Tight Rope Interactive.

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What is your definition optimization and why is it beneficial?

So optimization is pretty much forward essentially turning website to achieve the business goals of my team organization and in the case of my company our main goal is converting optimizations.

Want you to talk about a little bit process you go through in order to lead generations?

Kunal Dovedy: Sure basically, the lead generation process that we go through optimizing has a lot of different touch points so to speak so the media buyers actually drive traffic to websites to optimize the right keywords also the right guess mix of traffic mobile versus desktop and also just essentially taking to account different photographic and then making sure that actually make sense to our users so we really try to like when we drive traffic to our sites and put ourselves in minor users lead and then what we can do that and understand what users need with all of creative in our web properties we can then optimize that to better cater to user experience and that’s really where we all get really good quality and also a high conversion rate.

I wanna touch on that basically the thing that’s super important for our degeneration business delivering high quality leads what i mean high quality leads are actually don’t possibly give if clients our money put them down the road so whats really important for that is that we really get our message and correct basically deliver we need transparent value to our users and educate them as much as possible before they go through that entire process and sure that might me what we do to get a conversion rate hit as far as actual conversion rate so I lead set to our clients but since we give high quality leads that our educated inform a high percent of those conversions or actually to make that decision to make a purchase.

What would be one thing that you can tell optimizers to really help them take their website and their conversion rates to the next level?

Kunal Dovedy: Don’t be afraid of failing. Actually look forward to that.

How people find more about you?

Kunal Dovedy: You can find more about tightropeinteractive.com you can find more about me kunaldovedy.com and that’s just my personal page aside from doing website optimization i also do interactive art so that’s my big deal you might fair this may if you guys make it to the fair, you come find me and we have chat.


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