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Aoe Laratro of the SEO Diet joins Alex Harris today on Market Optimization to share about SEO tips and techniques. Joe Laratro is a recognized and leading expert in the Search Engine Marketing industry. He’s currently part of the advisory board for WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon and was previously the President of SFIMA or South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. View Joe’s website at Tandem Interactive.

Joe specializes in strategies like local search marketing, corporate podcasting, social media, pay-per-call lead generation services, conversion consulting, usability consulting, search engine marketing training and education, and search engine marketing department formation and development.

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You will learn about:

  • Maximizing ROI through SEO
  • Content marketing and link building
  • Basic SEO planning
  • The importance of SEO-friendly mobile sites
  • The new trend on keyword placement and keyword combinations

Items mentioned:

  • Real way of creating back links
  • Definition of optimization
  • How Joe started on SEO
  • What is the SEO Diet
  • Optimization Certification
  • Content marketing
  • Tips on SEO planning
  • Using variations/combination of keywords
  • Frequency of website posts and social media feeds
  • Google+ and how it index posts in 8 seconds
  • Focusing on good content and putting it on social media
  • How Facebook blocks Google indexing
  • Link value of each posts
  • Looking at every posts on search perspective
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Organic keyword data and its loss on analytics
  • Adwords
  • Tips on setting up and scheduling posts
  • Make sure that your site is SEO-friendly on mobile
  • Focusing on subject matter content and its power on creating strong keywords
  • The Amazon example – desktop versus mobile site
  • New trends on how people type on search engines
  • Keyword combinations, voice search, and how mobile is changing the way people search


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