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Improve Social Media with these great tips from David Spark. We chat about the right way and wrong ways to tackle social media. You can learn more at the website at Spark Media Solutions. Follow on Twitter @dspark

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What is your definition of optimization and why it is beneficial?

David Spark: So, I see the optimization in 2 levels. There’s one level of just getting people with the right message at the right time and that requires you to be able to read people minds which is close to impossible and then so since that’s close to impossible one of the things that i’ve been impress with optimization I’m not necessarily defining it but rather giving with the best probably the best example of it I’ve ever seen and which I’m trying to adopt more is a lawyer who does SEM works, search engine marketing work or he’s not a lawyer, he’s a guy who works for law firms small medium size law firms and his thing is highly qualified leads you know his business, he’s an independent guy he could have 5,6,10 clients at the time with tons of business.

So his leads what he’s asking for is people 1 or 2 people to work people thinking to register for his class on how to learn search engine marketing but you have to be a lawyer you gotta be willing to take the class which gonna be 2 weeks emails back and forth highly qualified lead and with 2 of those emails a month and if you get those people, 80% of them convert. So think about that way, how many clients do you need in your business and maybe what you really need to do to optimize purpose to go after highly qualified lead and so that’s what i think optimization is.

What would you say to someone who has been doing social media for while and they really want to figure out ways to take their effort on the next level?

David Spark: This you know, here’s what happens. We get stuck on this often i have to do this but i have to know but i have to post and link to Facebook, twitter and google plus right and i have to do it, you don’t. There’s answer to that and this goes to you know read my ebook get off the social networks that you’re not involved with. You can’t be physically get involved there we don’t have time, we have to do our work and also look at the social networks that has the greatest impact I love facebook it’s lot of fun it does zero for my business it really does i mean it keeps people aware of me and who I am but I’m now i used to be very down on linkedIn. I’m trying to be more far above links because really people there are not there to scroll around, they’re actually there engaging business so there more receptive to very specific discussions that’s sort of general thing of don’t feel you have to do something but you gotta find what could work for you and also look at the people on your industry and how better doing well and what are they doing today email a newsletter have big proponent on newsletter format if their doing that you should be really, really take advantage of it and frow in that aspect as well. Also think about the whole idea of how could you get highly qualified leads if really all you need is 5 or 6 clients that’s the way your business works and your professional services. How can you find those highly qualified 5 or 6 people and sort of work with them really hard and be this spramm spramm go after the thousands but your social media really just after a group or a dozen and that’s it. And that could be effective and have effective communications that way. I’m also a big proponent in this the last thing in this really the core of our business is what I talk about influential relations or content or whatever we call it pf form. The whole model of it’s easier to get people to connect with you influence market connect with you of you read joint influence and interview them first. So lot of stuff we do for clients is not pitching were not pr form we don’t pitch you know our client. What we do is if our clients in specific space like security well just go out and find a bunch to influencers security space and interview them

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