Cindy Krum – Mobile (SEO) Search Engine Optimization & Google Plus Tips for SEO


Today on AlexDesigns we speak with Cindy Krum, the CEO of Mobile Moxie. At Mobile Moxie in Denver, Colorado, they believe one size does not fit all and therefore they provide the customized mobile marketing strategies you need to have a great mobile website. They will work with you and your existing campaigns so you do not have to start from square one all over again. Just by making the necessary improvements and adding onto your marketing strategy, Mobile Moxie will provide your business with a booming mobile site backed with powerful SEO.

Cindy Krum will break down a few do’s and don’ts of mobile search engine optimization. She will also address Google+ and how to utilize it when working with mobile.  She will give us great tips on how to optimize your mobile website. The push we have seen from Google towards more mobile friendly sites and searches can not go ignored. Making it easier for users to connect to your website via mobile and desktop is an absolute must!

“Mobile SEO has changed a lot…Google has said they prefer responsive design solutions” Krum says, which couldn’t be more true. Looking for a more user friendly mobile website that is easily crawlable and that provides a fast load time is what Google wants to see from all mobile sites. Here are some do’s and don’ts of mobile SEO.

  • Do use a responsive design and selective serving.
      • Using responsive design and selective serving allows Google to crawl your website without having to worry about another desktop version. On top of being more easily crawled because of your responsive design using selective serving gives you the option to select certain images or content that you want to be seen on your mobile device. This keeps you from having to run two different sets of pages for desktop and mobile and will make sure your mobile site also conforms to your desktop viewing version. When working with selective serving, make sure you pay close attention to Google’s guidelines.
    • Do not use an M-Dot site and display none coding.
        • Using an M-Dot site includes having to use rel alt and rel canonical tagging and frequently does not show up well on a desktop. While duplicate content would not be a concern here using this mobile site structure will negatively impact when a user saves the URL and will negatively impact page load time.
    • Do make your mobile listing clickable.
        • Making your website look “awesome” or clickable in mobile search results is key! With such limited amount of space available to draw the attention of your audience using the right tools like Google+ for Business and star ratings.
        • Pay attention to local searches as they make up about 30% of mobile searches again, use Google+ for business and list in local directories.
    • Do use videos and images.
        • Images and videos are great ways to get information across quickly to mobile users. These will also help your desktop website rank as well!
    • Do not ignore Google+!
          • Posting in Google+ will help you and your content be indexed much faster.

      Creating your mobile website is no longer an option, in order to stay on top of competition businesses must have a well organized mobile presence. Cindy Krum, the expert in mobile SEO gave great points about how to make sure your mobile website is clickable and easily readable. To learn more about Cindy Krum and Mobile Moxie visit Stay tuned with AlexDesigns and stay up to date on important marketing news.
      Want o know about Cindy Krum. Check out here company at Mobile Moxie.


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