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Improve your business and SEO. We chat with Alex Genadinik from Problemio about how to improve your SEO, social strategy and all thing related to online business. You can learn more at the website at Follow on Twitter @Problemio

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What is your definition of optimization and why is it beneficial?

Alex Genadinik: In my career, optimization has been centered around search engine optimization and i started with search engine optimization around 2005ish, 2004ish you know and it was basically like I discovered it before like something that’s dead already and then I but I realized as soon I took google analytics which one of the first thing to do huh? People like coming to me to my site searching for random terms because that time this was actually how much most people were discovering search their like SEO there like people like where is the blog you know why people blog as soon as people did blog there realize oh my god we can get on google’s top 10 we can in term we want starts some products make money boom..boom..boom, right?

And so people who like blog vs people who’s like where is the blog? Why should I learn people brushing their teeth? Like you know those conversations and so I just started I get so excited because for me I’m also like really competitive so this like whole physiological thing of being in the top 10 and beating all your competitors I was also about it so am like of course you know early on few kind of like great, great hot sites super like blanket sites and then I but it was exciting and it was fun it was like it was kind of adventure I really wasn’t trying I really kind of thing i was just learning to be honest because i didn’t have mentors i was try this try this that see what’s this and I was like oh making money with this stuff not it was like a lot because I was learning this stuff and I was like oh there’s some potential here and i was like how we get doing this things of digging and digging terms this kind of stuff so fast forward a few years i own a content fire and people who are not familiar with what is the content fire basically i had a website had really good seo the domain was very strong an authority in google and because of that I was able to rank whatever page I put on the internet and I automated the creation of something like tool 3-4 thousand pages.

Many of them was rank many of them, all of them had google ads on them, right? And the first thing you go on page, the first thing you see is boom has a google ad and some people just look at them and you know that was great except one day google came out with one penalty just FYI to prior to this Google penalty which is called the panda penalty prior to this penalty a lot of really big companies which you think as very legitimate companies they were doing these strategies all over the place. This was the immediate scare prior to google releasing and that just for me a lot of big sites so this was the main thing then google released this panda penalty and boom one day I woke up, I was like let’s see my search let see my google analytics let see if growing and it was like a cliff it was like step drop i was like going up by 20% and then cliff and then that really kill bad business whose that data it was just like search traffic drop by huge % and then one of google suggestions to fix this was like take out the bad pages and then I took out the bad pages. Of course, it didn’t fix this but like i lost more traffic because those pages were like page 8 but they were going like atleast because there so many page were getting some so like now that’s site only has like maybe a hundred visitors a day I don’t know why they are still coming to the site there something there but it’s like it was an outdoor site and basically all the content I imported all parts in the world every 3 name in the world and every birth and it turns out there’s 10 thousand birds in the world so i had a page for all of them but it was like 10 thousand pages I couldn’t really write a lot on this topic about birds except that bird watchers that’s kind of you know.

When I tried to get in the community they were like 92 what I was doing. Anyway, so fast forward with then, I mean seo has really change and i call a lot of people now how to do seo and across the board people are finding it very difficult where they could have ranked well in prior years right now is a big struggle so what I did and I read a book about this is I took my seo learnings because i guess once you do seo you never go back I don’t know I stll really think SEO I left google i still sort of google and seo but it’s only long term thing that I don’t even care if I get traffic from google search because right now ther more like they penalize me then bring me significant business so i took my learning from seo and I started doing seo with any platforms so i made mobile apps guess what most apps I discovered search and that’s search is much more simple than google search all the appster has and by the way same with the itunes, right?

Title, description, keywords so simple i mean brand that simple so i did that at the moment of this interview my android app is ranked #1 and for the term if you search the term business in android, my app is number 1 and for the top 10, it’s number 1. so it’s kind of like i did that and i realize that way apps are not the only platforms here like every place which has a high volume platform where search place a large part of this community the cross of those two i can never this skills and i did that with youtube I am did that with, I am doing that now with amazon with my books i’m doing that like with udemy , I’m doing that basically everywhere by the way i’m cross over that all the way all of them because that helps with the acceleration of downloads engagement and that’s a ranking factor so it’s a way for me to build that factors so my competitors they don’t have that extra 10% that I have of with that cross promotion so the whole thing planned out is my 2014 plan it’s emotion but 2013 was for me to dominate me the app stores. now im going wide so that’s search, that’s optimization.


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