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What could an e-commerce site do today to really improve their rankings in next 90 days?

Eric Lancheres: Oh well I’m glad you mentioned that. First of all, I think SEO is really the foundation of, you know it could be a foundation of a lot of bases. It really gives you a lot of ROI, so if you put a bit in now, you’ve got a lot for later. The best thing you wanna do for 90 days. The best thing you wanna do is you wanna concentrate on what you’re lacking and most of the time for e-commerce specifically; you wanna concentrate on a lot of the on page so a lot of the item so, for instances your selling fishing poles you have like a fishing pole lets called the based hunters 4000 or something, and you only have one little description, you have two lines, you have a crappy picture, And when Google sees your page, your products there not gonna give you a lot of love, they’re not gonna rank you very high. So a lot of time, if you wanna really kind of reinvent your store on of ways is to can go through your items again and add them, more content adds more images, and that will naturally rise you up your rank because Google is like. Google’s objective in life is really to show the best result for the research query they have. So if someone’s looking for a fishing pole they want the show the best for that so the most complete one. So that’s thing number 1. The thing number 2 is obviously links in the next 90 days if you go out and be involved in your community gets some links from the community so links from. So I guess a blogs in your industry, you have sales, you have coupon and gift coupon code really is all about communicating within your industry and getting’s link back from industry, so how like in that general nutshell that gonna be the two major things focus if you wanna really increase your rankings and I’m sure were go more in-depth as we kinda like go along on this whole thing I’ll be sharing you a lot of secrets, tips and stuffs just to help you out there.

How SEO and conversion can work together? Converting from the natural resource is a lot different converting paper some works so have seen them working hand in hand?

Eric Lancheres: It’s really good questioning. They don’t have to be exclusive, cause Google’s objective in life what they want the most is to show the best website right? And what the user wants is to arrive on the best website and if they arrive on the best website they are gonna more likely to so there’s like 2 things that I really recommend.

One of them is really to have a dynamic navigation so what I mean by that with dynamic navigation is if you’re let’s say you have and site and you dig into a directory then you get sub listings on the sites. So, for instance, you go on Amazon DVD section when you were in DVD section the sidebar is now comedies, it’s gonna be drama, can be action movies give me all that type of stuff and its no like a static just DVD section you get to dig in more and more. Google absolutely go A ship over that. They’ll love it. So you’re gonna rank better and people are gonna buy more.

I know there is a little trick that I have but this is gonna be my little like spice that I really really love to use it when I’m writing a product description what I always do is I recommend the cross products. It’s like cross recommends other products within my description.

So if you write what that does and you link to them. So what it does, it gives you internal links that Google absolutely loves. You rank higher for those terms and people end buying 1 or 2 things. So if you’re talking about a fishing pole like fishing pole and this, this, this and fishing site. This fishing pole works best, these fishing hooks that you could buy here. And it also fits really well in this travel pack and you have the travel fishing pole travel pack and you have the anchor text inside your description what that does is it creates a more complete listing you rank higher and people will likely buy a bundle. They’ll buy this and like oh yeah you recommend these too, okay I’ll buy this and they end up buying 3 or 4 items and when in reality they’re only looking for one so it’s a win-win all across the border.

Yeah. That’s a great way to increase your order average value, sell banners, and recommend other products across remote. Also, one other ninja trick that I certainly recommend is when you are setting up your category pages and you have that faster searches as we talk about on the left side before we can narrow it down after you have a certain grouping of a filtering of items you can use this landing pages. It’s you know you spy directly ads for you know someone searching a fishing pole it’s a flight fishing pole this long and also you sending them to a page just fills all that need great conversion aspect right there.

Eric Launchers: Well that’s a question that I get a lot very from SEO’s perspective like where do I build links to and a lot of times the best place to build links to is gonna be that category pages. So the landing pages that you can use when you had the whole list you’re like where do I put the links to my thing as I point it to the main directory where your listing all products as usually category pages. You put a nice little header on top oh that’s delicious you rank so well.


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